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Below are a selection of images relating to recent work undertaken.

CAT 953C Tracked loader with new crock link pressed together

CAT 312C Repair link fitted on site to a broken track, idler recoil spring retaining bolt repaired also

CAT 312D Tracks repinned and bushed, new sprockets fitted old bolts and nuts re-used

CASE CX210BLC Complete set of new lower rollers, sprockets, chains and top rollers. Broken bolts drilled and tapped out

Idlers replaced as per image 4


Liebherr PR734 LGP track for a pin and bush turn

New sprocket segments 734 chains being disassembled in trackpress

734 Tracks being assembled, trackplates bolted on using trackbolts and nuts

CAT 312 B idler recoil bolts broken had to replace, press together spring and re-assemble

Recoil unit in vertical press

Worn pins and bushings ready for turning

Complete idler unit repaired ready to fit to machine

As per image 12 fitted to CAT

CAT3 312 track chains assembled with pins and rushes turned - exisitng track bolts re-used

Case CX130B For new chains c/w new sprockets and bolts and nuts

JCB JS130 Onsite repair job - recoil bolt broken and chains very worn

Old and new CAT320C sprockets

CAT 320 New sprockets, pins, bushes turned, old bolts reused

Liebherr 900 LC - Track pins and bushes turned, sprockets OK, so were left on

Komatsu B65E Trackplates swapped, new ones cut to size

CAT 953C Tracked loader with new crock link pressed together

How worn can a sprocket get?

New CAT style bucket tips supplied and fitted

As per image 23 (after)

Bolts ready for slackening

CAT 320DLC Tracks c/w new chains and bolts and nuts

Idler recoil unit for JCB JS130

CAT 330 new rollers and track guides fitted on site broken bolts drilled out

Broach cutter used to drill out broken roller / track guide bolts

CAT 320 DCC tracks for 320 LC new chains and sprockets Liebher 711 tracks for new pins and bushes

Liebherr 711 Track bushes worn through - too far gone to turn - wasted opportunity

Doosan 225 LC Idler piston for re-sealing

New versus old rollers for a Liebherr 711 dozer

Liebherr 916 HD tracks

Uncovering bolts so we can slacken them off

Liebherr 916 HD stripped???

Neatly parked up diggers

Track running over top rollers

Liebherr 916 HD sprockets with new rims welded on

Pins and bushes turned and new sprockets fitted

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